remy rockah (remyrocker) wrote,
remy rockah

my hearing situation!

so for the past 11 days ive been completley without sound.....those of you who have been reading know whats up. anyways so i went totally deaf, to the point where my hearing aide wouldnt help. been taking meds, annnnnd today way the first day i put my hearing aide in! still nowhere near where im suppose to be with hearing, but it was just enough to throw on some music. none of u could understand what it meant to listen to music even though it isnt completely what it would normally sound like. still vocals are distorted some guitar pitches and riffs i cant pick up on and its still muffled but i was so excited to have just some sound that i was rockin out and jumpin round so motherfucking excited! i totally threw on a dogs damoure record and heard the openin riff to one of my favorite songs by them and went nuts still muffled but enough to show my hearings improving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gotta fuckin go listen to more music!

another week maybe(hopefully less) i should be rockin and rollin like normal!

xmas is coming and i dont want anything just to be able to be back to where i was with my hearing again! when it happens im lockin myself in my room and goin nuts with all my records and cds and whatever else!
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