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honaloochie boogie, yeah!

oh man i rarley update soooo here we go............

in december i shindigged a trip down to MD had a good time.
x-mas was awesome and I got some rad stuff.
made some awesome new friends.
new years was ridiculas!
almost every nite has been ridiculas!
I think your ridiculas!
week nite(worknite), "hey lets get a couple of drinks" turns into retarded adventures of too many bars too many drinks too much money and makes work alot harder the next day. heres an example: last tuesday, me tight pants pat and andy were like lets have somoe drinks at pats t.p.p.'s house and that lead to we are bord wich lead to the all asia cafe for some rock nite but it was dead, so that lead to the middle east few drinks there and some underground hip-hop show in the back so we mingled on in, 2 rockers and a punk in a hip-hop show didnt seem to go over well, so that lead to a lets go somewhere else wich lead to one of the guys sayin hey check out that chick djin in that bar so we went in turned out i new her and ran into some other chick i use to know but i didnt recognizer her cause she got fat! that bar closed and the dj chick and the girl who got fat asked us to go to some hotel bar that stayed open untill 2am so of course we went, i had some dude guys and there girls takin pictures with me tellin me i was steven tyler? when that was over as we were leavin i walked ahead of the group and there some guy knocked out bleedin from the face in the door way, i just stepped over him and when i got outside my buds were like hey they were sayin our friend knocked that guy out, i was like huh? im gettin blamed for the dude knocked out in the doorway? the nite somehow ended with me andy and tight pants pat all agreeing that we have to all grow some form of ridiculas moustache????? im in the works and so is t.p.p. but i think andy bailed on the plan...........

for some reason almost every nite has been as retarded as that one, one way or another..........

i just got home from a nite of waaay too much booze at tpp's house and some crazy adventures and tonite its off to haverhill for steve quix's b-day bash..............
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