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I have a second job..............

so i work a second job 3 nites a week for extra cash. it was goin good untill i realized that when you work with a staff that the majority of them are teenagers you get dragged into their teenage shit talkin rumor spreadin blow everything outtta porportion lives, they got nothing better to do so only being there like 3 weeks already i got "stories" goin on bout me...... how fuckin pathetic! i seriously feel like I'm a sophmore in high school again when i walk into that place.....

fuckin retards!
this is reason 8374982374092838273498720928382784332343454089 why I hate people....................
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i have the same problem at my job. i fucking refuse to work nights with stupid teenage girls (oh yeah, and at my job theyre all racist homophobic xenophobic sheltered spoiled christian girls with disproportionally large breasts and mouths).

hence i work with all the 35 year old moms instead. yeah anneka.